Roulette Myths

When playing a game that is as centuries old as Roulette there will inevitably be a series of myths that have built up over time. The game is so simplistic in that it features a wheel, ball and a series of numbers so what could be so mystical about it, right? The fact of the matter is that there are superstitions of all sorts that apply to just about anything in our lives so why not Roulette? So what sort of myths surround this form of gambling and why do they make so much sense to us in the moment?

Games such as Poker involve skill but Roulette does not require one shred of it, or does it, this site belives in a system. Every spin of the wheel has the exact same odds. The ball will land where it may but wouldn’t it be nice if we could make friends and coax him to jump right where we’d like him to be. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Some players will bet on “cold” or “sleeping” numbers with the thought that they must hit at some point. Keeping in mind that the odds are the same with each spin, your cold number could hit but you may be on the road to the poor house before it does.

One major myth is when two players hit the Roulette table and place offsetting bets. For example $10 on red and $15 on black. Players expect to lose the $5 difference unless the ball hits on 0 or 00. If the players stay long enough the casino will rake in the same money for your action whether you split your bets on two colors or put it all on one.

There are players that also believe that the Roulette croupier has the power to stop the ball wherever he wants but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The wheel and the ball spin in different directions and with all the bounces to and fro there is no way to maintain control of that on the part of the croupier.

Whether you wear your lucky socks or you carry a lucky rabbit’s foot with you when you hit the Roulette table, it’s down to pure luck so cut your losses and embrace a lucky streak when it comes your way.

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